[Actresses] Ai Maeda's profile

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Profession actress and professor college student.
Date of birth October 4, 1983
Blood type B
Birthplace Tokyo
Family Parents,younger sister "Aki Meda","Milk" at the dog
Favorite Food Pasta
Hobbies Reading,Movie appreciation
Talents Playing the Piano,English reading and writing,Traditional dancing of Japan,
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Debut 1993 TV commercial "McDonald's Japan"
Drama 1996 "KAIKI club",1997-2000 "HAMIDASI DEKA",
1999 "Best friend"2001 "HIKARI NO TEIKOKU"
and others...
Movies 1995 "TOIRE NO HANAKOSAN",1999 "Gamera 3",
2003 "Battle Royale 2",and others...
Animation 2003 "the Beautiful World KINO'S JOURNEY",
and others...
"AI MAEDA Chronicle"English Here